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KBH Seed Tender by Little T Customs $ 65.00 IN STOCK 4 AVAILABLE

J&M Seed Tender by Little T Customs. These are available in Red, Blue, and Green. $ 65.00 IN STOCK ONLY ONE AVAILABLE IN RED

Custom built stack fold planters. They are $ 50.00 TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Scrath built cultivators. These come in either stack fold or vertical fold. They have front coulter and plows with ridging wings. Stackfold bars are $60.00 and vertical fold bars are $55.00. IN STOCK ONE HINIKER STACK FOLD MODEL

Scratch built stackfold hippers. $ 50.00. These also can be equiped with a gandy air seeder in either green or red color box for $10.00 more, if you want air seeder hoses to the gangs that will be another $25.00 more. IN STOCK 5 AMMCO YELLOW, 2 W&A RED, 4 ORHTMAN/YELLOW GANGS, 1 JOHN DEERE/YELLOW GANGS, 2 W&A RED/YELLOW GANGS

Scratch built mounted flail shredders. $ 45.00 IN STOCK 8 RHINO ORANGE, 4 YELLOW, 2 GREEN, 4 RED, 3 GREY

Scratch built power units. Have these in green, red, and yellow. $ 25.00 IN STOCK 3 RED, 5 YELLOW

Scratch built paratill rippers. $ 65.00 IN STOCK 9 BIGHAM BROTHERS GREEN, 3 GREEN, 2 BLUE, 2 RED, 2 YELLOW

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